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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dodda Mallur Krishna Temple

The Deiva Dharisanam show on Sunday Morning, sparked the thoughts of a visit to the Dodda Mallur Sri Navaneetha Krishna Temple. Here's a youtube video of the episide to cherish (Thanks to the original uploader)...

We decided to embark on a half day / morning trip to the temple. Google maps showed that it was about 74 kms from Bangalore towards Mysore (near Channapatna, the land of toys).

We started at around 6:00 AM, took the Mysore road, via corporation circle and reached Mylasandra (near RV College of Engineering) around 7:00 AM. We had breakfast (nice Khara Bath) at Airavata (after waking up the servers and cooks:-)), and from there on it was little less than a hours drive. We reached the temple around 8:30 AM. Having parked the car (ample space for around 100 cars) we bought some garlands and archana items and proceeded towards the temple.

One can make out that the temple was quite old, but nevertheless not badly maintained. The scars and the fades on the walls and sculptures on the pillars were ample evidence. The temple has idols of Lord Venkateshwara, Goddess Mahalakshmi Thayar and then Lord Navaneetha Krishna.

Idol of Lord Krishna within the temple

Then Google maps showed that there is one more temple in the vicinity - Lord Narasimha temple, and we decided to visit there. One has to take the road opp. to the arch of the Krishna temple, and proceed for about 2 - 3 kms. One can encounter a level crossing, proceeding further once can spot a board written in Kannada showing directions (pointing towards the right). This small road, takes you through lush greenery and paddy / sugarcane fields and finally to the temple. The Narasimha temple is also quite old (~1000 years), and we got to know from the priest the legacy of the temple. There is a river that flows adjoining the temple, and it offers a pleasant sight.

Then after some shopping at the Channapatna Toys shop on the roadside, we proceeded towards Kengeri, took the NICE road, paid Rs. 70 toll (45 from Kengeri to Bannerghatta road, and Rs. 25 from Bannerghatta road to Hosur road). Later on I realized that it was about 15 kms longer, anyway as the road was good, it didn't bother much, as time taken was similar to the onward journey time.

Route Map (onward)

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Route Map (return)

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Sri.Ramaprameya / Navaneetha Krishna Temple
Sri.Ramaprameya / Navaneetha Krishna Temple is a beautiful temple which is still intact and protected monument.

One can find the idol of Narayana or Veera Narayan in the main Garbhagriha, the idol is a classic Hoysala master piece and is similar to any other Narayana idol with a richly decorated prabhavali, a Conch, Chakra and a Gadha in each hand.
When you start taking a pradakshina, you can find Lakshmi Devi to the right of the main temple. After you proceed a bit further, you will find the idol of Sri.Krishna in the form of a small child and is known by the name - Navaneetha Krishna.

Navaneetha Krishna is in the form of a child who is in crawling position, its the most beautiful idol which I have ever seen. The Lord is decorated with a decorated Uda dhaara(silver thread, tangled with bells around his waist) and his one hand is holding the butter and the other hand he is supporting himself while crawling.

The temple is constructed in typical Vijayanagara Style and one can find huge pillars surrounding the temple complex. Also, the whole complex is covered with stone masonary, and the Ratha Mantapa, which is outside the temple is beautifully carved in stone and is quite huge.

One can also find a Tula Bhara Mantapa just in front of the temple, which again resembles Vijayanagara style and one can compare this with the Tula Mantapa present in Nandi and Hampi as well.

Sri.Nadi Narasimha temple
This temple is unique to its kind, apart from Sri.Gunja Narasimha temple in Tirumakudal Narasipura, this is one temple which I found situated on the banks of a river.

The temple is belived to be 1000 years old, but looking at the structure, one feel it is renovated some 200 - 300 years back. While taking the pradakshina around the temple, one has to notice the image of Hanuman who is seated in meditation posture is worth watching along with other Dasha Avathara of Vishnu.

Just opposite to the temple, you can find a small valley, which might be a third order stream for the river Shimsha which flows then joins river Cauvery later.


babu said...

wish you both a female child very soon. all the very best to you my dear.
babu mama and mami

Anonymous said...

Hi! it was indeed a nice trip. We travelled from chennai but was not sure where to stay at doddamallur but only to realize that there are rooms (limited) available at Krisha Trust in the main street of temple itself. It was fortunate we got room for a day stay. Since it is a trust it is up to you how much you want to contribute/donate which shall be utilized for temple. For accomadation you can contact :080 27200022/23/24

It is someting words can not explain do vist the navaneetha krishan temple and feel the devine bliss.

Do not forget to shop at Toys shop whice are spread across before reaching the temple. It is worth a lot..and you would have not seen such crafted toys anywhere.

Thanks and Have divine trip.

RAM said...


Govindarajan said...

Namaskaram i am already saw the Krishnan very beauty full and powerfull. last time my family go to prasathna . This time very happy to go bcos of lord Krishnan was given to my spl daughter. Thank u kanna

Govindarajan said...

Namaskaram i am already saw the Krishnan very beauty full and powerfull. last time my family go to prasathna . This time very happy to go bcos of lord Krishnan was given to my spl daughter. Thank u kanna

Anonymous said...


I would like to visit this temple and do Butter covering for Lord krishna. Do you have any contact number for the temple to book this.

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