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Saturday, October 02, 2010

My Endhiran Experience

Hurray ! I've been able to get a first day (01-Oct-2010) evening show ticket at Rex Theatre, Brigade Road, from www.bookmyshow.com. I am waiting to experience the experience. I will write more on the night of 1st Oct !!!

Its 01-10-10. Morning on the way to my office, there was an unusual traffic near Marathahalli. Innovative multiplex had innovatively converted open areas surrounding the adjoining buildings into car-parking slots. The crowd was monstrous, it took me about 15 minutes to cross Innovative from Salarpuria, I knew its going to be big...

People at my office were all talking about this crowd in front of Innovative, and we realized that it would only be a trailer of what should be going on in Chennai. Nevertheless everyone in my office were getting jealous and the news spread very quickly that I am gonna watch Endhiran in the evening...

We decided to go by bike, as we new parking at Brigade's gonna be a problem, and when we reached there about 5:00 PM, I was convinced that I have taken a wise decision... The very poster of Endhiran was ominous, and I didn't want to miss that...

The crowd kept building up, and the shouts of people waiting outside were deafening.

People had come to enjoy in various forms, few were wearing Endhiran T-Shirts, while few came with balloons and paper glitters... At about 6:00 PM, the previous shows' crowd were beginning to stroll out with loud cheers. I could sense that people were spell-bound, and were still experiencing the experience within.

Finally, we were able to squeeze to the theater hall. The crowd was just getting set to erupt, and we were getting bit worried if we would not be able to hear any dialogues, but after few opening bursts the crowd got settled down to enjoy every bit of it...

The titles, well as usual once you see "SUPERSTAR RAJINI"'s name in the title board, you could imaging the decibel levels, it was just awesome !!!

I am not going to write the story or the review frame by frame, but I would like to share some captivating moments... Quite contrary to the norm with Rajini's movies don't expect any punch dialogues, but there is style and charisma in abundance throughout...

Shankar's Robot, the real metal Robot is indeed a marvel in itself. The eyebrows, the lips and Rajini like steel face are all minutely crafted to perfection. Christened Chitti, the Robots initial days are described in an engrossing way - Chitti dealing with a Traffic Constable, Chitti learning things and helping Sana to take her MBBS Exams. Chitti is made to be an evolving robot, learn things as it unfolds, and this concept has been brilliantly told by Shankar.

Chitti's description of itself - My name is Chitti, Processor - Pentium 1 Zeta Hertz, Memory - 1 Terabyte, tickles your comic senses. The scan of telephone directory and Chitti's answers to questions posed by various people, are all neatly crafted by Shankar.

The robot has electromagnetic powers and can move and attract any metallic substance. The stunts in the market, where Chitti grabs hold of the weapons and presents as Goddess Kali, the train stunt scene, the horizontal run on the side of the train are well pictured.

Some minute details like the temperature the Robot can withstand, water-proof, its capability to charge itself from a electric supply are all well explained by Shankar at various places..

Then comes the true characteristics of a machine vs human, the lack of heart, the lack of feelings and emotions, very nicely unfurled and infused into Chitti. There is a la 3-Idiots scene where Chitti handles a complicated pregnancy case, very neatly unraveled.

Every one would have read from all reviews that Chitti would begin to have a liking for Sana (Aish). The Irumbile irudhayam mulaitthadho song is indeed mind blowing, and Ash's dance is worth to mention. Very soon its followed by Chitti's dance showcase and here again, Chitti's dances (all CG) takes you by storm, and Ash easily wins over Chitti's CG dance by sheer elegance, you can see why she is the real beauty. You can see a refreshed Aish in Sana (not the frustrated Rahini from Raavan).

Danny as a villain by this time is beginning to corrupt Chitti. You might get emotionally attached when Chitti says to Danny "I want to live". Danny infuses a *RED* chip on to Chitti (to create mass destruction), and Chitti gets a new name - "Chitti v2.0" with the look of Moondru Mugam "Alex Pandian", with a lightning style girdha, you can accept only Rajini with these looks...

Many terms are bit IT centric like Gigabyte, v2.0, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Worming, De-worming, and many more. We are in 2010, and if you are aiming for hollywood standards, you must accept these terms. The presentation is in such a way that even B & C centres would cherish the overall experience.

From here on, its Chitti's destruction after abducting Sana, and you enjoy every minute of it, to an extent due to Shankar's presentation, but largely due to Rajini. If it was any other hero donning a negative role, the plot would have been lost. Its Rajini's screen presence, mannerisms and charisma that keeps you focussed. Chitti meanwhile creates an empire, and again you stand to admire these scenes. If Sivaji was human Rajini performing Robot like gravity defying stunts, you get to experience the fight where Chitti takes out all the guns from the army, and shoots back, you could have seen this from the trailor, but it gives you a whole new experience when you watch it as part of the movie.

Vaseegaran tries various tactics to rescue Sana and de-activate Chitti, all intellectually laughed away by Chitti. You can argue why is Vaseegaran not taking the henchman route? But that brings Chitti to the forefront, and keeps your adrenalin pumping. The scene where Chitti detects Vaseegaran (also in the same appearance as other Robot Rajinis) would keep you spell-bound.

I don't have a word to describe the last 45 minutes of the film, you need to experience it. Its a combination of the Matrix, the Anaconda, the Godzilla, the Terminator, some glimpses of 2012 and Shankar's very own imagination. The climax has a tinge of emotion, when Chitti hugs Vaseegaran for one last time.

Forget about storyline, who cares for a story in a Rajini movie. I certainly didn't. I am not an ardent Rajini fan either, but I truly enjoyed the ride. Aish has done a good supporting act and makes her presence felt throught the movie.

Rahman !!! Wow, Randy's camera and locations has given a rich sheen to all the songs. I especially loved the Arima Arima song, with a Robot Lion. Wow, amazing you can admire Rajini even when he is dancing with Lions. The much talked about Background music for the Climax is to an extent eaten up by the Visual magnificence.

Well, its a Stage planned & executed by Shankar, sponsored by Sun pictures, competed by all technicians (camera, music, art, sound, editing, etc.), acted by India's leading actress and our Superstar. At the end of it you would forget everything, but remember the phenomenon called Rajinikanth. You can't enjoy, admire, salute and look at awe at one person, be it Keanu Reeves or Arnold Schwarzenegger or John Travolta or Pierce Brosnan or our own Amitabh or SRK or Aamir or even Kamalahassan, but you will for Rajini. There was, is and will be one and only Superstar of World Cinema.

No movie can be without flaws and I don't want to write about it either. You need to appreciate the honest effort at a stifle budget when compared to Matrix, Titanic and 2012. You need to watch it, go and enjoy the roller coaster of an experience. You will cherish it for ages.


AK said...

Excellent review and I certainly agree with your assessment.

Yes, the movie has its flaws, but with only so much money to spend, Tamil Cinema has done a stupendous job.

Shankar & Co have done a great job amalgamating technical wizardy with Indian sensibilities.

I know a lot of people just are bound to find fault with the movie, but anyone who doesn't enjoy this movie seriously need to get their heads checked.

Keep it up.


Swathi said...

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Swathi said...

Nice Post.Thanks for Sharing this in your blog.Book your tickets in Kesineni Travels